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Based in Napa, CA. Thru the Haze is a modern take on the riff-oriented blues rock. Drawing upon a diverse array of influences Thru the Haze keeps their fans on their toes.

Bio of Thru the Haze

John, Mike, and Alex had worked together in A Thousand Valleys. That band broke up in the summer of 2019. The three wanted to turn it up and get back to the roots of rock n roll. With a growing catalog of songs and ideas, Alex started working with Mike and John to bring life to this new music. As a rhythm section, John and Mike laid a solid musical foundation for Alex’s ideas to flourish. The musical chemistry was too good to pass up and things quickly started falling into place!

With all this new music, it was obvious they needed to find a lead singer. The first call was to Ben. Alex and Ben had worked together in the band Fargone. With his charisma and lyrical prowess, Ben was the natural choice. Ben and Alex quickly rekindled a co-writing partnership that was exactly what Thru the Haze needed. That’s when riffs and jams turned into songs! When you add in John’s driving beats, and Mike melodic, driving approach to the bass, you had a recipe for some kick ass music!

The resulted was an eclectic style spanning many genres and generations of rock.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic Thru the Haze had become a favorite with local audiences. Thru the Haze had become regulars at Napa Smith Brewery and were getting gigs at many of the SF North Bay Area’s hottest live music venues.

With live music venues closed during the COVID pandemic, Thru the Haze used the time to finish their first full length album. July 2020 saw the release of these efforts with the release of “Rekindle the Flame”.

Who is Thru The Haze?

Thru The Haze

John Fisher

Drums & Percussion

Ben Hillyer

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Mike Medina

Bass Guitar

Alex Weeks

Lead Guitar
John Fisher starting playing the drums when he was 7 after discovering The Beatles.  John has previously played with Ted Turner from Wishbone Ash, and Sam Andrew from Big Brother and the Holding Company.  John lays the backbeat drawing inspiration from the blues and classic rockA man of few words, but great lyrical prowess, Ben Hillyer draws upon his introspective nature to write from the heart.  Sometimes driving the song, sometimes acting as a counter balance to the music, but always reaching his audience.

From an early age Mike was always drawn to ‘the groove’.  His musical career started on piano, but that was quickly replaced with the bass.  Drawing inspiration from 70’s funk, heavy metal, and everything in between, Mike’s fluid and driving approach to bass is the backbone of Thru The Haze’s sound.All his life, Alex has been passionate about music and had a special love of guitar.  His first guitar was a $20 Silvertone he bought at a consignment shop and the rest is history.  Alex has spent a lifetime studying music, and has played in a variety of groups spanning multiple styles

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